Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 171) Is Rory Using His Kid For The Album Rollout?

Well the day has finally come…and no we’re not talking about Rory’s album (yet). Today we can congratulate Rory on the sex. Our guy is a father to a beautiful baby daughter. The bare minimum team continues to grow. Somehow we bring Spreadie Gibbs into this conversation. Rory shares his new perspective on life and how being a girl dad has changed him. We all reflect on moments from our childhood. From celebrating new life to birthing an album. Everyone go stream/download Rory’s debut album ‘I Thought It’d Be Different’. Rory can freely speak with us in the last press run conversation he’ll have in the coming weeks. Rory shares his perspective on creating the album and even invites an album critic on to the pod. We end today with another great slate of voicemails. Today’s theme is relationship advice. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above, as well as offer some of the realest advice to today’s three lucky callers

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