Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 183) We’re Starting A GoFundMe

The simulation keeps simulating. The newest app ‘Threads’ is up and running, thus fueling the Zuck vs. Elon conflict. We share our thoughts on the mess that is social media. In an attempt to cleanse the timeline Tucker Carlson flew to Romania to sit down with Andrew Tate. Opposite of that masculine energy is a wholesome story from Texas of a young kid getting bullied. Quickly the wholesomeness was stripped from this story (this convo derails so fast) Mal ends this segment with a very interesting message to the kid. Perhaps we can all just find love in the club. Drake and Jermaine Dupri are working on a Magic City documentary, while some troubling Meek news breaks while we’re recording. This leads to a conversation about Tory. Should we count AI songs for Grammy consideration? Somehow this becomes a critique on Michael Jackson and about how he stole music files. Then we helped answer a question for Eddin’s friend, which counted as the first voicemail. We have a relationship call to start then end with a call about witchcraft and underwear water. We also answer our first follow up call which will be available exclusively on Patreon. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

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