Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 136) Rory Gets Denied At The Apollo

The guys are back after a mixy weekend. Rory and Julian thought they found love for Baby D, but to no avail. The following night, the party continued with Bas and the Dreamville team again at none other than Ludlow House. While we were running around lower Manhattan most people were uptown in Harlem for Drake’s back-to-back shows at the historic Apollo. We break down the set list, the featured artists, and how Rory and Mal swallowed their pride and refrained from texting Drake for tickets. While Drake had NY’s attention, Beyonce was across the world giving Dubai her first live show in 4 years. We further the Dubai conversation by proposing a question that would lead to a quick (but sticky) payout. Speaking of sexual acts, would you let your significant other go on vacation for 20 days? Tune in as we discuss all of the above, as well as, the pathetic showing of NY sports teams, Shannon Sharpe vs. The Grizzlies, Catholic School basketball + more!


00:00 Intro
01:43 Prospect for Baby D
04:32 Partying with Bas and the Dreamville Team in Ludlow House
13:23 Drake’s back-to-back Shows at the Apollo.
52:05 Beyonce’s first live show in Dubai
56:25 Question that would lead to a quick payout
1:04:52 Would you let your significant other go on vacay for 20 days?
1:18:12 NY Giants getting cooked current sports news
1:25:38 Sharpe vs The Grizzlies

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