Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 158) Bare Minumum Boys

The Bare Minumum Boys are back to business. Rory and Mal directly address the cat burglar with (once again) the truth. After they set the record straight we get to the funnies. Religion has perfected the tax write off and pedo behavior. Do you, or have you, ever kissed your parents on the mouth? Speaking of predatory spaces, Hulu is making a Freaknik doc and aunties across the country are getting ahead of the footage. We then review Drake’s new track and offer reasoning on why this song isn’t it. The music conversation continues with an interesting discussion around 6lack and Chloe’s low first week numbers. Finally, we end with sports. Telfon Donnie was at UFC 287, which had Mal fired up, while the Knicks playoff run begins next week. Tune in as the BMB’s manage to discuss all of this + more without mic stands!

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