Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 168) Ja Morant Doesn’t Want A Second Chance

We hope all of our mom listeners had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Now let’s get to what happens when your kid doesn’t listen. Ja Morant is doing his best to ruin his career. We react to his second suspension. Meanwhile, Lil Durk is doing his best to escape a lifestyle that Ja seems to be running towards. J Cole has a line that sparks a conversation about rappers that passed. We then discuss the difficulty of bringing people up with you. Speaking of uplifting people, Lil Wayne left a show because of how people were treating his new artists. In good news, Jamie Foxx is in good health despite what many outlets were publishing. We’re back with our second installment of voicemails and these are some good ones. Tune in to hear our advice, as well as discussions on the Knicks season, our Finals predictions, Brittney Griner’s return, + more!

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