Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 225) There’s ONE Problem With ‘Pink Friday 2’


Today is a day for celebration. We are humbled to be in the presence of the newest member of the NOI, Brother Mal. Before Jay Electronica welcomed Mal to the brotherhood, the guys went to a Spotify creator dinner (full prediction of the dinner available on Patreon). Mal shares with us how Rory ruined the event. In other “awkward” news Travis Scott and John McEnroe face off on a zoom call. We call cap, but comment on the sneaker rollout. Then we discuss Jack Harlow’s new single with Dave. Rory adds fuel to the beef before we turn to the biggest release of the week, Pink Friday 2. We have an issue with Nicki’s album, but it’s not directed at who you’d expect. Staying in conflict, we’re ready for Keith Lee to leave our city. We cover his NY food journey. Did you see the video of the woman trying to burn down MLK’s house? The world is a simulation. It’s time for voicemails. We get into a great call then discuss our personal team cult, Shohei Ohtani’s $700m contract, and end on a rant from Rory about how bad Harry Potter’s character is throughout the movies. Tune in as the full team discusses all of this
+ more!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:00:31 – MAL Joins The Nation Of Islam
00:04:21 – The Guys Go To A “Spotify” Dinner
00:13:44 – Art Basel & Kanye West
00:24:03 – Travis Scott vs. John McEnroe
00:28:16 – Jack Harlow & Dave Drop A Single
00:35:07 – MAL’s Honest Opinion About Jack Harlow
00:42:00 – Pink Friday 2 Review
00:50:25 – J.Cole’s Verse On Pink Friday 2
01:01:00 – Nicki Had A “Therapy Session” With Cole
01:13:48 – Keith Lee Visits NYC
01:22:45 – Woman Tries To Burn Down Martin Luther King Jr’s House
01:30:26 – Rory Debates Harry Potter
01:41:12 – Voicemails
01:48:30 – People Want Too Much Attention
01:52:02 – Bareknuckle Fighting
01:54:40 – Shohei Ohtani Locks In $700Mil Deal
02:00:52 – Lakers Win In-Season Tournament

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