Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 217) Jeezy Finds Depressed Box FASCINATING



Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, the crew gives a recap of the LA live show where they continue their uninterrupted streak of destroying people’s relationships. Mal asks a burning question about poly relationships and pregnancy kinks, which (somehow) leads to a debate about the most common professions for ex hoes. Jeezy’s album rollout interview with Nia Long gets brought up, and Mal & Rory call Jeezy out for obvious pandering. Megan Thee Stallion also released her new song “Cobra”, which discusses the topic of depression and self-harm, leading the crew to rehash their experiences of dating depressed people. Plus Nicki Minaj reveals her previous Percocet addiction, Mal addresses Need To Know’s response, + more!

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:44 – Only Hawk Fans
00:07:28 – LA Show Was Fun
00:08:25 – Meeting Couple At M&G
00:12:20 – Things Got Spicy With The Throuple
00:15:44 – Never Touch Mal’s Face
00:23:16 – Another Man With Your Pregnant Wife
00:27:04 – Rory & MAL Eating Really Hot Wings
00:32:18 – Flight Attendants Are LOOSE
00:37:18 – Rory’s DJ Set
00:40:40 – Nia Long & Jeezy Interview
00:45:05 – Jeezy Finds Something “Fascinating”
00:52:17 – Nia Young Dated Drug Dealers When She Was Younger
00:54:53 – Jada Smith’s Book Was A Flop?
00:59:29 – Meg Thee Stallion’s Latest Single: Cobra
01:06:25 – Depressed Box V.S. Depressed Eggplant
01:12:09 – Nicki Minaj Admits To Using Percs
01:17:05 – Frank Ocean Drops Snippet
01:26:52 – Mal’s Final Time Address Pod Gossip
01:41:24 – Voicemail – Asking Your Male Friend For His Cologne

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