Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 215) Keith Lee Please Don’t Review This Podcast

We’ve officially landed in LA and have a brand new show ready for our live show on Sunday! Also, have you seen our Architectural Digest Tour? Check it out now on Youtube. Happy Friday everyone…we’re going to continue to push the limits. Mal thinks it’s time to bring back a specific word (let us know your thoughts). We reminisce on Rory’s first big break on a wild MTV show. Then we recap our Halloween weekend and share our costumes. Shoutout to ‘You Should Know’ Podcast (episode available on Patreon). Should Kai Cenat have done that “prison” stream? And since when has Keith Lee’s opinion mattered more than any politician? We discover who on the team leaves Yelp reviews. Speaking of reviews, would you leave a comment on your girl’s Only Fans page? Back to music, Flava Flav might have the voice of an angel. Somehow this leads to a conversation about which one of us would go to war. Then we lend our condolences to Matthew Perry. Today, we’re also joined by a special guest Pete Buttigieg (yes, that Pete Buttigieg). He’s currently the Secretary of Transportation and here to cover Rory’s outstanding parking tickets. It’s time for voicemails. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:53 – Chris Broussard Calls James Harden The R-Word
00:07:10 – MTV Show Rory Produced
00:10:36 – Halloween Weekend Recap
00:15:56 – You Should Know Podcast Live Show
00:19:18 – Kai Cenat’s 7-Day Jail Stream
00:27:08 – Keith Lee Reviews ATL Resturants
00:37:52 – Joe Smith Finds Out About Wife’s Online Explicit Content
00:50:47 – Flavor Flav Singing The National Anthem
01:07:50 – SKIMS x NBA
01:10:20 – The Worst Ponzi Schemes
01:12:48 – Shake Weights
01:14:20 – Condolences To Matthew Perry & HIs Family
01:14:58 – Condolences To Bobby Knight & HIs Family
01:16:30 – Special Guest Pete Buttigieg Joins The Podcast
01:32:04 – Voicemail #1 – Girlfriend Drinking Every Weekend
01:41:21 – Voicemail #2 – Misery Loves Company

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