Hollywood heartthrob Michael B. Jordan sits down with us to discuss his latest project and directorial debut, Creed III. Mike talks about his experience as the film’s director and how he’s brought a fresh perspective to the popular Rocky franchise. After being awarded Sexiest Man Alive, we ask Mike what could possibly be next in store for this young legend.

00:00 Directorial Debut
01:58 Early Life
03:55 Fathers In Communities
04:30 Moment Jordan Felt He Made It
06:40 Creed Statue
07:25 Rocky Franchise Impact
09:30 Life Kicks Your Ass
10:00 Acting And Directing
10:59 Game From Ryan Coogler
11:39 Advice From Denzel Washington
15:09 Gillie’s Acting Days
16:04 Getting Into Character
17:24 Legendary Actor List
20:57 Sexiest Man Alive
21:25 Barstool Women Love Mike
24:01 Staying Focused On West Coast
28:34 Mike Wants To Work With Leo
31:58 Sexiest Man In Prison
33:00 Post Prison Mentality
51:00 Three Years Making Creed III
52:50 Communicating With Crew
55:30 Producer VS Production Company
56:19 Wallo’s Movie Idea
57:40 HBCU’s
01:00:55 Partnering With Corporations
01:01:30 Favortie Rocky Movie
01:02:14 Favorite Movie Of All Time

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