Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Parks, Ice, Ish, Queenzflip & Melyssa Ford (Episode 715) “Two and a Possible”

The apology heard around the world… The JBP kicks off this episode with their thoughts on J. Cole’s comments at Dreamville Festival about his response to Kendrick Lamar on ‘7 Minute Drill’ (). The room then discusses what this does to Cole’s career moving forward (), if we can expect a response from Drake sooner rather than later (), and Vince Staples shares his thoughts on Rap beef & publishing (). Meek Mill and Wale traded tweets over the weekend (), The Solar Eclipse (), and JT exchanges words with Caresha, as well as GloRilla (). Also, the Bionic Six reacts to episode 2 of Jerrod Carmichael’s show (), *SPOILER ALERT* conversations on Curb Your Enthusiasm and BMF (), WrestleMania 40 (), final predictions on what we could expect from Future & Metro Boomin’ on Friday (), and much more!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | Rae Khalil“IS IT WORTH IT”

Ice | Eazy-E“Real Muthaphuckkin G’s”

Parks | Common“The Bitch In Yoo”

Ish | Byron Juane & Kenyon Dixon“Timeless”

Melyssa | Senpu“Moonlight”

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