Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Parks, Ice, Ish, Queenzflip & Melyssa Ford (Episode 702) “Cutting Diamonds”

In the latest episode, the JBP starts with music including their reactions to Jeezy’s Tiny Desk performance (16:38), J. Cole’s freestyle (28:38), and the streaming games artists are playing after French Montana drops six versions of ‘Mac & Cheese 5’ (38:18). Wendy Williams has been diagnosed with aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (1:03:36), Joe revisits Beyoncé’s ‘TEXAS HOLD ‘EM’ (1:27:44), and the room discusses Floyd Mayweather’s appearance on ‘The Pivot’ (1:44:50). Also, Donnell Rawlings pulled up on Corey Holcomb (1:54:00) which leads to the pod discussing fighting and getting robbed stories (1:56:53), Scottie Pippen and ex-Bulls players are going on a tour to address beef with Michael Jordan (2:25:50), Reesa Teesa’s TikTok videos (2:30:24), and much more!

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The Joe Budden Podcast · Episode 702 | “Cutting Diamonds”
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