Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 208) Reviewing The Drake Reviews

It’s been a weekend of podcast beef. First we get reviewed by Azealia Banks. Then it’s time to get into our thoughts on ‘For All The Dogs’. Rory and Mal disagree on the album. We go in depth on features, sequencing, comparing it to his discography, etc. Then it’s time to talk about Drake’s comments about the other pod, which leads to another interesting discussion. In more music news, Rory went to North Carolina over the weekend for Little Brother’s Block Party. Somehow Mal asks us about our thoughts on Candace Owens. It’s time for voicemails. We help give today’s caller career advice. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:40 – Azaelia Banks Comes For The Crew
00:08:54 – First Reactions To The Album
00:13:13 – “For All The Dogs” Deep Dive
00:22:59 – The problem with “For All The Dogs”
00:42:37 – Trying To Change The Artist
00:46:48 – Joe & Drake Exchange
00:52:52 – Where did Drake Plateau?
01:05:04 – Do Projected Numbers Matter For Drake?
01:06:57 – 21 Savage Bust
01:08:40 – Which Grammy Drake Uses As A “Door-Stopper”
01:13:05 – Rory in NC with “Little Brother”
01:16:50 – Mal’s Candace Owens Obsession
01:23:46 – Calling Drake “The Boy”
01:26:31 – Voicemails
01:33:18 – The Crew’s Favorite Ice Cream
01:41:40 – Does Rocky Have To Pull-Up On Drake?

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