Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 198) Viral Tinder Thief, Fake High School Team Scam, & Doja Cat’s Demons

We’re officially the hardest working pod in the game. Rory got us working on Labor Day. The team takes aim at Julian after he hosted his first party (insert nasty pics/videos on YouTube). In other event news, Electric Zoo goers had a rough two days. Have you seen the documentary on BS High? We break down the insane narcissist behind the program and Rory makes note that he reminded him of someone specific. We go from one thief to another. We react to the viral video of the woman whose date stole shoes from her. This leads to Mal speculating that Julian is a serial killer. Mal adds that he feels bad for young men in the current dating scene. Doja Cat is back. Mal and Rory strongly disagree about her new single “Demons”. It’s time for voicemails. Finally, everyone go wish Spaghetti Eddie a happy birthday. Our kiwi turns 29 today!

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:47 – R.I.P Steve Harwell From Smash Mouth
00:02:00 – Julian Hosted A Party In The LES
00:02:22 – We’re Wokring On Labor Day SMH
00:03:32 – Julian “Hosted” A Party
00:11:13 – EZoo Weekend Horror
00:13:30 – Fake High School Documentary
00:27:00 – Viral Tinder Thief
00:52:07 – Doja Cat’s New Single “Demons”
01:06:40 – Voice Mail 1 – Giving Rory’s Flowers
01:11:34 – Voice Mail 2 – AA
01:16:23 – Voice Mail 3 – When are we getting the Rory Vs. Mal Rap Battle?
01:20:01 – Happy Birthday Eddin

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