Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 152) Rory Joins No Jumper

Well everyone the time has come…We’re really going to miss our Ginger King, but he’s on to whiter pastures. Rory also had a busy nostalgic weekend at a Little Brother show where we all shared our last “fan moment” at a show. Then begins the No Jumper reaction where the guys reminisce in their past experiences. How many times a night do you have s*x? No chance you’re putting up Larsa Pippen numbers. This horny conversation led to Chloe Bailey and eventually Ben Kingsley as Ghandi (google it). Staying in messy relationships, Andrew Wiggins has a decision to make and none of us suggest Mal’s advice. Tune in as we discuss all of this as well as, women with body hair, interesting kinks, and more!

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