Music Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 138) Spoiled Beats & Next-Gen Rappers ft. Don Cannon

The the…the Cannon. On today’s episode we’re joined by one of the most iconic producers/music executives in the industry, Don Cannon. If you’re not familiar with DJ Cannon he helped create the sound of the mixtape era. Currently, he is the CEO of the extremely successful Generation Now and co-founder of the TmrO app. First, Cannon takes us through his early years in the studio from bumping into Kanye and playing basketball with Kobe. Eventually Cannon met DJ Drama and that’s where the mixtapes began. Cannon shares stories from the ‘Trap or Die’ sessions and eventually shares how his resurgence has led to labels requesting “Uzi type beats” or another “First Class”. The guys then all share a moment of how different the next generation of artists are than the previous ones, which leads to why Cannon chose not to go to the Gucci and Jeezy Versus. The discussion returns to today with the controversial rating from Pitchfork on Ice Spice’s EP. The debating with Dom continues as the guys run through recent comments by 50 Cent, Ludacris, the undervaluing of Dr Dre’s catalog, favorite lyrics/beat. Finally, like all good debates including Don and Mal we land on Michael vs. LeBron. The guys share their personal NBA top 5, as well as, their rapper top 5. Tune in as the guys and DJ Cannon discuss all of the above + more!

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