Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 125) The Guys Get Emotional with Azad of Emotional Oranges

Happy Friday everyone. Today we’re joined by Azad of Emotional Oranges and things immediately got emotional. Somehow the P*ssy Posse and conspiracies find their way into the conversation. Azad shares how he’s been occupying himself with the new single life. While we’re on juices, ‘The Juice Vol. III’ (OUT NOW) is the end of an era and like most endings things can become difficult. Azad shares how his lyrics lend to his previous relationship. Then the guys discuss the business of the music industry and what type of artists make sense on a major label. Azad champions other artists that have mastered their blueprint. Speaking of blueprint, the guys discuss their favorite Jay Z albums which turns into a producer vs. beatmaker conversation. Listen in as the guys and Azad discuss all of this + more!

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