Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 123) What The Hell Are You Listening To?!

No for real…what the hell are you listening to? The team discusses each of their music tastes (according to the data). We discovered quite a few of us played a lot of bedroom music. Well everyone except Demaris. Who wants to “talk you through the nut”. While we reflect on our top songs/albums we also discuss what’s to come. We predict Metro Boomin’s album and SZA’s upcoming project. What’s a pod without Kanye? While we were recording Ye took to Infowars to spew more hate speech. In local news, the co-anchors of Good Morning America are cheating with each other. Keeping it local, Mal and Julian ended up (separately) at the Knicks game while Demaris hosted a women’s empowerment event. We discuss the frontrunner film for the Oscar Awards, Cocaine Bear. Mal reminds us that ‘Emily in Paris’ is coming back soon. Listen to the guys discuss all of this + more. P.S. if you’re reading this it’s show day in New York! See you all tonight!

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