Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 196) Giuliani’s Rizz, Trump’s Mugshot, Giggs Answers Crazy Voicemail

Today we’ve got a fun one. First, Rory meets another Yankee legend. Meanwhile, Mal doesn’t like nose kisses (or any affection). Speaking of unwanted affection, Rudy Giuliani is a creep. We finally got Trump’s mugshot and the memes didn’t disappoint. Trackstar Noah Lyles takes shots at the NBA which leads to a disagreement among the team vs. Mal. Staying on American greats, the Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden gets arrested for disorderly conduct. Then Miguel gets suspended during a show. We celebrate the life of tv show legend Bob Barker and Rory asks a question to the team. We discuss the recent music releases Victoria Monet, Russ, and Nicki Minaj being a playable character on Call of Duty. For the rest of the episode we are joined by Giggs. We discuss the cultural similarities and differences of London/New York. We share a classic tour story from the strip club. Giggs shares his favorite up and coming artists and shares his reaction to hearing his name on Jay’s verse from “God Did”. We have a fun group of voicemails that leave Giggs astonished. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 – Start Of Show
00:00:33 – The Crew Owes Mal An Apology
00:04:42 – The Én My Bag Party
00:06:40 – Julian At Afro Punk
00:08:50 – Mal Doesn’t Like Nose Kisses
00:11:28 – Rudy Giuliani’s Rizz
00:17:27 – Trump’s Mug Shot Is Released
00:26:13 – Noah Lyles Criticizes NBA “World” Champions
00:36:06 – Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Is Arrested
00:41:03 – Keke Palmer Back With Her Ex-Boyfriend
00:48:38 – R.I.P Bob Barker
00:53:09 – R.I.P Ron Cephas Jones
01:02:47 – Victoria Monet’s New Album
01:04:05 – Russ’s New Album
01:05:41 – Nicki Minaj On Call Of Duty
01:11:50 – Mal And Demaris Have A Bet
01:17:07 – Giggs Joins The Show
01:29:30 – Giggs’s Current Favorite Artists
01:34:30 – Special Clubs In London
01:38:18 – Hov Mentions Giggs In “God Did” Verse
01:47:40 – Zero Tolerance Album Tracks
01:53:11 – Voicemails

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