Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 228) Eddin Punched Julian…Seriously

Well who would have thought the podcast beef would manifest internally. We’re fresh off our holiday party and as soon as the cameras cut the fists went flying. Yes this title isn’t clickbait. Eddin wailed on Julian at a bar and this is the first conversation we’re having about it. We call in Mal to break the news to him as well (unfortunately he’s sick). Staying on beef (pause) we discuss other podcasts trading shots. Andrew Schulz and Myron from Fresh & Fit exchange words. Drake does his first livestream which leads to a jab at Metro. There’s so much animosity in this industry. Let’s focus on love. Tinder is launching a $500 a month membership fee and TD Jakes gets roped into Diddy’s mess. Then we cover some exciting year ending stats and get into the voicemail from one of our favorite listeners. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:00:15 – Mal’s Out For the Ep
00:02:21 – Staff Holiday Party
00:04:57 – Eddin Punched Julian
00:15:52 – We Call Mal To Tell Him
00:34:25 – Schulz & Fresh & Fit Beef
00:45:31 – Drake And Metro Boomin’ Online Beef
00:50:20 – Tinder Launches $500 Tier
00:53:36 – TD Jakes & Diddy
00:57:10 – Top Google Searches Of 2023
00:58:28 – Using The Word Partner
01:07:04 – Trump’s Ineligible To Run For President?
01:10:25 – Epstein’s List
01:10:46 – Voicemails

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