Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 127) Yes Ma’am

Our second episode in LA is met with just as much chaos as the first one. First we recap the legendary performance of Mal Backwoods and Rory Mcilroy at Calabasas Country Club. Mal was an assassin with the putter, while Rory used one club. The team hit Saddle Ranch where we were surprised by Baby D…who chose to straddle the bull, while Eddin fell off immediately. We’ve wrapped our LA show (sold out) and just like in Seattle, Mal was able to tear apart another couple. There was a lot of sexting and a 7-person jumping in Tulum. After the show, Mal and Julian got mixy and stood on couches. Demaris smoked hookah and Eddin “edited some things”. We then dig into Gunna’s case…is he a snitch? Does that matter? We discuss the possibility of our own RICO…sorry Eddin, you’re getting locked up. Staying in LA, Meg & Tory trial is the craziest court case since OJ. Shoutout the Kardashian connection. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

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