Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast W/ Rory & Mal (Episode 169) “Face Tune”

the joe budden podcast episode 169


In this Episode:

This week, Joe and Rory paired up to do the podcast while Mal called in from LA. They discuss Drake’s new album Scorpion and reveal their favorite tracks (6:45). They also analyze the lyrics that appear to be aimed at Kanye (18:17). Shortly after, Joe and Rory discuss Nicki Minaj’s rant and the awkward video of her opening gifts which leads to Joe asking questions regarding Nicki’s health (58:00). And the guys discuss Jimmy Butler (1:34:17), LeBron going to the Lakers (1:36:36) and checks in with Mal to express his disgust for the NBA (1:46:32). Happy 4th of July episode!

Sleeper Picks of the Week

Chris McClenney – “Sidetoside”

Adria Kain – “Ocean”

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