Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 132) 2020-Me!

2020-Me! Welcome to the (not so) Happy New Year. In this episode, everyone had a peaceful New Year’s…except Julian. Demaris went to Rory’s where he hosted. Eddin went out to the clubs and Mal was lowkey. If you’re not on Patreon (join for the full content) for this next story. Julian’s NYE date made her train from Cleveland to NYC and things eventually went off the rails. It’s worth noting, this was also the first time everyone heard this story. Julian details this long weekend which ultimately ends in “heartbreak.” We were able to get her and her friend on the phone for Patreon so subscribe for their response! While that disaster unfolded, Eddin found himself a nice cozy internship. After answering a 3am text from Funk Flex, he now has a new gig. The guys discuss all of this + more on this rollercoaster of an episode…p.s. “get well soon”.

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