Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 157) Teflon Don And The Guys Are Doing Time

Don’t act like you didn’t listen to Linkin Park. Let’s jump right into music and start with Summer Jam. We discuss the lineup and the danger of the new location. This conversation leads to a deeper analysis of female rappers and what type of artists get pushed. Then we discuss the double-standard surrounding being bi-curious. In political news, Mal’s favorite Big T has officially been indicted. Will he remain ten toes? Or will he snitch? Insert our response to another reddit thread. Eventually, we return to the ongoing LSU saga. Would you go to the white house? Tune in as the guys discuss this, as well as why Eddin eats Shake Shack at the airport, Rory getting gray hair, another Mal c*vid theory + more!

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