Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 202) The Crew Does Shrooms + Kai & Offset Get Slimed Out In A Sleepover

Happy Tuesday from Degrassi High. The crew was outside this weekend. Rory, Julian, and Eddin took some shrooms and went to Pangea at Elsewhere. This was a proper warmup to being outside on tour (tickets available now) The night before Demaris was throwing back a bottle of tequila. In the spirit of fun times with friends we transition to Kai Cenat and Offset’s 24 hour sleepover. Unfortunately, for Nicki Minaj’s husband the sleepover wasn’t at Offset’s house. Have you ever been slimed out? We react to Drake & SZA’s new single (third place isn’t bad). Then we discuss Puff’s new album. Are Rory and Puff saving R&B? Chris and Tinashe are having a moment. This leads to a conversation about abuse in the music industry. Meanwhile, Jonathan Majors is on a rebrand. It’s time for voicemails. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start Of Show
00:00:49 – New “Degrassi” Skit
00:02:59 – The Crew Goes To “Pangea” Party
00:10:30 – Talking To Women Under Shrooms
00:15:58 – Demaris At Deluxe Fluxx
00:17:55 – Kai & Offset’s 24hr Stream
00:23:18 – NIcki’s Husband Looking For Offset
00:24:36 – New Drake & SZA
00:34:54 – Drake And SZA’s Past
00:37:36 – 3rd Place “Equipment”
00:44:42 – Halle Berry Upset At Artwork
00:48:39 – Diddy’s New Album
00:56:35 – Nas & Hit-Boy’s Magic 3
01:01:11 – Chris Brown & Tinashe
01:16:16 – Tons Of New Music Releases
01:17:28 – Johnathan Majors Cleaning Up The Streets
01:19:28 – Voicemails
01:24:28 – Voicemail 2
01:29:19 – Sucking Out Snake Venom

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