Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 160) Rory is Drake’s Munch

We apologize in advance for Rory’s behavior throughout this episode. We start by supporting the union of Nicki and Ice Spice, but also predict how long it’ll last. This past Sunday, Rory, Mal, and Julian went to the Apollo to see Lil Wayne. Rather quickly we learned that Mal really isn’t a Wayne fan (argument ensues). In other disappointing concert news, Frank Ocean left everyone at Coachella upset after many technical problems and turning his set into karaoke. Speaking of karaoke, is it hip-hop for Usher to give 21 Savage a mic to sing? Even worse, is it hip-hop for Rory to DM Drake laughing emojis and never get a response? Friendships tend to come to a close which is also the case for Ja Rule and Billy McFarland. Did you hear about the woman that claimed to have hooked up with 6 guys a day for a week? This leads into a conversation about the double standard between men and women and of course high school bleachers get involved. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as, $200k in dimes getting stolen, Netflix’s ‘Beef’, Knicks/Lakers playoff wins, + more!

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