Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 193) Bobbi & Drake, EST Gee vs. Bootleg Kev, Keke’s New Usher Video

This episode the gang had a lot to cover, and of course we had to jump it off with hate. Bobbi-gate is currently upon us, and Rory and Mal double down on her failing as an industry plant, and her addressing the rumors about a Drake romance. Speaking of romance (or lack thereof), the team gives their opinion on Keke Palmer starring in Usher’s new video, as well as how it will affect her coparenting relationship. Let us know in our comment sections your opinion on that situation. Rory is heartbroken because Nelly is accused of being a fraud by his former groupmate, and Mal is heartbroken that The Blind Side wasn’t actually historically accurate. EST Gee’s team failed him and we let them know exactly how, answered some voicemails, + more!

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