Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 227) Anthony Edwards, Kanye & Jonathan Majors Step To The Senate Floor

Before we get into our episode please join us tomorrow (12/20) on Patreon for our Holiday Party Livestream. If you think we say wild stuff on the episodes wait till you hear when there’s no edit button. In the holiday spirit Rory wants everyone to know Santa is white. Meanwhile, a real life santa Anthony Edwards sent a lot of money for his own peace of mind. In other sex news, there are people getting blown out on the Senate floor. We break down this tape and speculate on the state of our political system. The love train goes on as Cam’ron links with Nia Long. Love comes to an end as we discuss Sexyy Red’s recent appearance on the Breakfast Club. This leaves the room split on the conversation. While we were recording Jonathan Majors was found guilty & dropped by the Marvel franchise. So naturally we pivoted and talked about it. It’s time for voicemails. We have a caller leave their opinion on Harry Potter. Fortunately, Rory finished the final movie so we get into another argument about Harry and the ending. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:32 – Anthony Edwards Caught Up With Model
00:11:47 – Senate Staff Getting Nasty On The Floor
00:24:22 – Cam Links Up With Nia
00:25:43 – Kanye West Goes On Another Rant
00:47:04 – Cardi B & Offset Fight Online
00:53:45 – Sexyy Red On The Breakfast Club
01:10:58 – Johnathan Majors Charged With Assault & Harassment
01:14:36 – Voicemail – Harry Potter

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