We’re back with a busy week in the “culture.” Before we get into that Mal shares us a funny story about his mom getting denied entry into Canada. Speaking of Canada, Drake invited J Cole to perform with him in lieu of 21 Savage. We then share our own trouble with the law. Rory gets profiled, while Mal throws a friend under the bus. Over the weekend Rory found himself getting pulled into a beef with a tweet from NoName. Drake is making NY his home for the next week and naturally we’ve uncovered a conspiracy. Did Drake release his book to undercut Jay-Z’s ‘Book of Hov’? (they share the same cover/color) Has dry humor run its course? Sexy Red makes a school appearance, which leads to a story from Julian that features a random artist. Pinkydoll has taken over the internet…is this content a mental illness? Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as an odd missing woman story, the black/white dress attempted murder, voicemails + more!

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