Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 121) Mal Ran A Train!!!

The guys are back from a couple eventful nights in the great state of Texas. First we recap Luka’s dominance on the court, but he wasn’t the only Maverick putting on a show. At halftime we witnessed a whipping of sorts. A tribute that Rory loved. Meg and B Simone were kind enough to join us during the Dallas show and even hit the showers after. We immediately drove to Houston for our first day show at the Houston Improv where the couples and Versuz were incredible. Anyway, did you know Mal ran a train?! Rory, Julian, and Eddin are still asking follow up questions. The guys continue their long nights out on tour. Unfortunately this time we were following Eddin. While Eddin puffed hookah and guzzled tequila Mal and Rory left within 10 mins of entering the club. Tune in to hear the guys discuss all of this and more +

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