Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 197) PinkyDoll/Gobbler NPC, Mitch McConnell, & We’re Back On Tour

TOUR TICKETS ARE ON SALE!!! Get your tickets now to Toronto, Los Angeles, London, or New York. We begin with discussing the Chew Live Crew hitting the road. Rory makes fun of Julian for going to a “Raya” mixer. Speaking out being outside, bottle wars are back. Except people are dumping them in the club. Somehow this leads to a Meek Mill & Robert Kraft conversation. Staying on old white men Mitch McConnell is really going through it. Mal questions the love from a dog/cat. Love for animals is almost the same as love for an NPC. Is Pinkydoll a sex worker? Have you seen the Glizzy Gobbler? We go into a hilarious discussion where we find out everyone’s go-to meal to cook for a date. It’s time for voicemails. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more! See you on the road soon.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:00:34 – We’re going back on tour!
00:03:58 – Rory’s Prediction On The London Trip
00:12:28 – NYC V.S. Baltimore Bottle Wars
00:16:50 – Robert Kraft & Hip-Hop
00:20:57 – Hip-Hop 50 Interview w. Styles-P
00:28:06 – Mitch McConnell Freezes Up Again
00:34:25 – Pets Are Conditioned To Love
00:44:52 – Pinky Doll Accused Of “Light-Skin” Fishing
00:54:39 – “Gobbler” NPC
00:59:53 – Women Doing Too Much During Oral
01:05:33 – Men being falsely accused of cheating
01:10:17 – The Crew Talks About Their Best Food Dishes
01:21:05 – VoiceMails

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