Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 181) Rory And Mal Shower With Fans

We’re back from our break with an important discussion. Before we get into the episode: If you call in for a follow-up voicemail that call will be answered on Patreon. So if you’d like to hear more details, join our Patreon! Now, how do we define a fat a**? Naturally we transition to dating apps where Julian and Demaris guide the guys through their preferences while Rory reminisces. Then we open the discussion to visiting other parts of the US and the new laws that’ll change the cities. Where would you move and what’s the most dangerous city in the country? We explain to Rory & Mal the “Grimace challenge” on TikTok (maybe we’ll do it) and share Mal’s old planking pics. We continue to share stories of getting robbed (RIP Rory’s SouthPole jacket) and how being horny can really put you in some compromising situations. We press Mal about some horrible Bronx fashion trends. Rory asks a wild question about Mal. It’s time for voicemails! We start with back-to-back “is this hip-hop?” questions. The first regarding shower etiquette and the second about getting dressed. The last call is our first time encouraging a couple to get back together. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

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