Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 170) Rory Got PUNCHED In The Face!

We previously recorded this week’s episodes so we could all celebrate Rory’s album in LA. That being said, this episode doesn’t mention his daughter. We did however talk about Fatherhood Rory on this week’s Patreon (available now) This Friday is when we’ll discuss Rory’s daughter and his album!

Today we start with a classic Mal controversial take which leads to us discussing generational differences and how our childhoods are drastically different from the kids today. Should we bring back bullying? We age out of grade school and share stories from middle and high school. Mal reflects on a guy with a nub leg that ended up being a legend. Meanwhile, Rory, aka Snow Cone, shares a gang story. Then Rory and Julian offer some insight on Greek Life. Is puberty only respected from the women’s side? The guys discuss how difficult it is to be bricked up all day with no out. Should men be allowed to become a gynecologist? This question splits the room and causes a heated debate to close out the episode. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as TI’s character in ATL, parents on Only Fans, + more!

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