Video: Gillie & Wallo267 – MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME (EPISODE 220) w/ J.R. SMITH

On this episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game, we have the pleasure of welcoming J.R. Smith, a notable figure in the basketball world. Hailing from New Jersey, J.R. has made a name for himself with his remarkable skills on the court. From championship victories to unforgettable moments, he has an intriguing story to share. Join us as we dive into his journey, both on and off the court, and gain some valuable insights from this accomplished athlete. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!

Also check out their new episode with 03Greedo.

After nearly 5 years behind bars, 03 Greedo joins us to discuss his rise to fame, career growth from behind bars, and how life outside and the people around him have changed from his newfound success. Although he experienced much widespread recognition since his 2018 mixtape “The Wolf of Grape Street”, 03 Greedo has faced his fair share of adversity including being sentenced to 20 years in 2016. However, even the prison bars did not slow Greedo down from releasing multiple projects including “Load It Up Vol. 2” while locked up. This time around there’s no stopping Greedo from achieving the highest heights as he’s focusing on music and staying out of trouble.

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