Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 140) Mark Normand On Spreading Diseases & Comedy

Rory returns from desk duty and has even recruited another white to join today’s episode. Today, we are joined by the hilarious standup comedian Mark Normand. Mark takes us through his youth in New Orleans and his early days living in NY which include getting robbed, bombing shows for years, and comedians feuding. Mark shares how he got sick from eating a$$ and went on to tape a Comedy Central Special. Mal introduces Mark to Same Night / Same City (Trump is involved). Then the guys discuss how cancel culture is being manipulated which leads to conspiracy pod including Cosby, the Chinese Balloon, Sam Smith’s satanic Grammy performance, and the NFL scripts. Tune in as the guys and Mark discuss all of the above and drug use, childhood trauma, religious rituals, Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend + more…COMEDY!

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