Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Parks, Ice & Ish (Episode 593) “What The Flock”

The JBP begins this episode by discussing the latest social media happenings. Elon Musk is continuing to kill Twitter (6:50), YouTube has new policies put in place (9:04), and Instagram is making some further updates to its app (10:45). Iggy Azaela launches an OnlyFans page (12:23) and the gang recaps the Golden Globes (23:24). Meek Mill denies dissing Lori Harvey after rumors that her and Damson Idris are dating (43:00), Kanye and the architect behind Yeezy’s had a private wedding ceremony (1:00:10), Joe explains what he found out about Andrew Tate (1:10:00), Drink Champs signs new deal with Warner Music Group (1:57:33), Part of the Show returns (2:06:25) + MORE! Become a Patron of The Joe Budden Podcast for additional bonus episodes and visual content for all things JBP.: Tap in here

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The Joe Budden Podcast · Episode 593 | “What The Flock”
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