Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Parks, Ice, Ish & Queenzflip (Episode 677) “Thot MacGyver”

In the latest episode, the JBP kicks off by addressing delays and edits from the previous episode [Ep. 676 Silence Of The Lambs] (13:06). Notable highlights include a late Friday night settlement between Cassie & Diddy (31:29), Pardison Fontaine taking aim at Meg Thee Stallion with his new record titled ‘Thee Person,’ (1:10:41) and Joe expressing his enthusiasm for Podsgiving (1:42:30). Additionally, Joe shares his review of the movie ‘The Mother’ on Netflix (2:09:30), Meek Mill’s diss towards Trippie Redd (2:43:20), Thanksgiving plans (3:03:03), and much more!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | Chris Brown“Midnight Freak”

Ice | Lady London“Stubborn”

Parks | Jay Worthy & Jake One“Christopher Walken”

Ish | Aáyanna“Good Girl”

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