Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 130) Why Don’t We Believe Black Women?

Welcome to our first pod of 2023! Let’s talk about equity. Actually, never-mind. Mal continues to defend Michael Jeffery Jordan in all group chats. Even down to his warm-up music. Speaking of ongoing debates, we discuss the guilty verdict from the Tory vs. LA County. Roc Nation really brought it home. Drake vs. Kendrick…who ya got? After the esteemed hip-hop heads at the New York Times crowned Kendrick the “greatest of his generation” we decide to share why we disagree. Between Drake’s timestamp records and raw-dogging a rando we have our winner. Would you let Drake sing to you at a show? We continue the music discussion with Obama’s annual playlist. And once again, Mal and Julian are let down by the Knicks, but uplifted by the new season of ‘Emily in Paris’. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more on the first episode of the year.

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