Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 267) The People V.S. Mal

This feels like the fastest 48 hours we’ve ever had. All of our phones have been blowing up, but no one more than OVO Mal. We ask Mal if he feels differently about the beef following the response he received. We get into the dangers of the allegations that have come to the forefront of this conflict, SA & DV. We speculate who will drop next and why. Then we get into the antics that have happened off the microphone. Multiple shootings and a label conspiracy. We predict more exchanges as Gunna & Future are set to release projects today. We step away from music and cover the legendary Tom Brady roast. Then the guys take time to clown Julian & Demaris about J. Cole living his best life on a beach. It’s time for voicemails! We have a fun (semi relationship) one today. Tune in as the crew discuss all of this + more!

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