Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 212) Trauma Bonding With D.C Young Fly

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we’re joined by one of our favorite comedians, DC Young Fly. We get right into comedy with Dave Chappelle’s recent headlines then give Shaun King praise for leading a ceasefire. Then we pivot into the success of Wild N Out and how competitive the show became. Eventually we trauma bond over Azaelia Bank’s comments and share embarrassing stories. DC then opens up about Rick Ross walking off his show. We briefly touch on Atlanta with the recent Lil Baby allegations and T.I. being selected as a fashion icon. Then we take a few voicemails where DC exposes the crew for their weaknesses. Tune in as the guys and DC Young Fly discuss all of this + more! Also, catch the premiere of DC’s show ‘Celebrity Squares’ next Tuesday at 8pm ET on VH1.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:00:20 – Rory’s Been Touched?
00:05:35 – Shaun King “Working” On Cease Fire
00:07:18 – Israel & Palestine
00:11:10 – Conspiracy Theories & Religion
00:12:55 – Support During Wild N Out
00:26:42 – Addressing Azealia Banks
00:29:07 – How Did The “85 South” Show Come About?
00:36:17 – Rick Ross Walking Off The Set Of “85 South”
00:43:49 – People Keep Playing With Lil Baby
00:46:41 – Worst Dressed City?
00:49:00 – VM #1 / Being Soft On Whiskey
00:51:50 – Rory’s Been Touched?
01:04:02 – VM #2 / Embarrassing Moment
01:08:19 – Voicemail #3 / Turn Down A Fight
01:16:39 – Voicemail #4 / Dispensary
01:20:58 – Brotherhood

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