Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Parks, Ice, Ish, Queenzflip & Melyssa Ford (Episode 655) “Sick Day King”

Before hitting vacation, the JBP recaps their weekend which included a trip to Atlanta for Joe & Ish (13:17). The room then sends their condolences to longtime ‘The Price Is Right’ host Bob Barker who passed away at age 99 (23:45), singer Miguel put hooks in his back during one of his performances (30:41), and the Bishop Sycamore Documentary ‘BS High’ is out on MAX (36:57). Also, Joe & the gang discuss Deandre Ayton & Katt Leya as well as Bill Murray & Kelis, Drake gives a response as to why his album hasn’t dropped yet (1:34:37), the new ‘Undisputed’ lineup and Lil Wayne’s intro on FS1 (1:48:33), Streamer IShowSpeed bows to the Twitch CEO (2:11:40), Part of the Show (2:21:03), + MORE!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | Victoria Monét“Stop (Askin’ Me 4Shyt)”

Ice | L I T O (feat. Ransom) – “Rookie & the Vet”

Parks | Russ (feat. Rexx Life Raj) – “Adventure”

Ish | Q“TODAY”

Melyssa | NxWorries, Anderson .Paak, & Knxwledge“Daydreaming”



The Joe Budden Podcast · Episode 655 | “Sick Day King”
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