Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Parks, Ice, Ish, Queenzflip & Melyssa Ford (Episode 641) “One Dance”

The JBP begins this episode discussing their weekend as the focus turns to Melyssa who shares how her most recent dating experience went (20:06). Adam22 addresses the news surrounding him and his wife in a series of tweets (46:08), first-week sales projections on Lil Uzi’s new album are in (1:07:15), & the gang talks about new documentaries including ‘American Gladiators’ (1:10:55). Also, Joe has a question for the guys in the room for when your significant other attends parties (1:27:30), NBA free agency is underway (1:55:32) while ESPN has let go of more sports personalities (2:04:33), can you remain friends with someone who doesn’t jump in to help in a fight (2:10:25), + MORE!

Sleeper Picks:

Joe | Kenyon Dixon“Lucky”

Ice | Marcus Ariah (feat. TheARTI$t & ONLYBISI) – “Read Your Mind”

Parks | Teflon (feat. DJ Premier & Benny the Butcher) – “Hostile Takeover”

Ish | Jordan Hawkins (feat. DUCKWRTH) – “Can’t Fake What You Feel”

Melyssa | MMYYKK“Better (For the Love)”

The Joe Budden Podcast · Episode 641 | “One Dance”
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