Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 142) Will You Be My Malentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you’re lonely like all of us. We start today with Mal reading our auras and then immediately got into our Super Bowl Sunday’s. Rory cooked for Julian and company. The mac & cheese was better than expected. After a lot of shots we ended up at a strip club. On a more tame night, Mal laid low while Demaris went home. We brought our disagreement from the group chat to the mic and discussed Rihanna’s performance, which was very Kanye inspired. This led to a heated debate about Chris Brown vs. Bruno Mars. After settling down we make our predictions on next year’s halftime performer. Have you seen these red boots? (outside of today’s artwork) Rory gets into his conspiracy bag about the Chinese balloons. Finally, we discuss our Valentine’s Day plans. It seems like we’ll all be together, except for Eddin who’s speed dating. Also, we’re releasing a Patreon today which features a very interesting and odd conversation with a therapist. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above + more!

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