Video: Gillie & Wallo267 – MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME (EPISODE 269) w/ Devin Haney

Devin Haney, a rising star in the world of boxing, returns to the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast with a wealth of experiences to share. Haney’s career has been marked by determination, skill, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His upcoming bout with Ryan Garcia on April 20, 2024, promises to be a clash of titans, and fans are eagerly awaiting this showdown.

In a recent episode, Haney took listeners on a tour of his opulent Las Vegas property, where he houses an impressive collection of cars valued at over 3 million dollars. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Haney delved into the heart of boxing. He candidly discussed how popularity, rather than pure skill, often dictates who earns the big paychecks in the sport.

But it’s Haney’s unique bond with his father that truly sets him apart. Unlike other father-son duos in boxing, their success hasn’t driven them apart; instead, it has brought them closer. Haney’s admiration for his father’s guidance and unwavering support shines through in every conversation.

Lastly, Haney shared his list of the top 5 boxers in the game today, along with his thoughts on who truly deserves a spot in the boxing Hall of Fame. His insights are a testament to his passion for the sport and his commitment to leaving a lasting legacy.

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