Video: Gillie & Wallo267 – MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME (EPISODE 246) w/ CAM’RON & MA$E

Full circle moment as Cam’ron & Ma$e who reunited because of their appearances on Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast now come on as a duo who hosts their own hit podcast, It Is What It Is. We have seen these two Harlem Hip Hop legends and good friends of ours stay dominating from one field to another and always maintaining the true essence of Hip Hop, culture, and Harlem. This is a legendary podcast collab is one that you don’t want to miss as we cover everything from early hoop dreams, greatest Harlem rappers of all time, the Tupac vs DMX Debate, and you know we had to find out how the room feels about rimmers. If you’re a fan of Hip Hop, sports, or just enjoy a good vibe this is the episode for you.

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