Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 129) Merry Chrithmith

Merry Chrithmith from the Crip Santa. Welcome to our last pod of 2022! (there will be a Patreon don’t hate us yet) Our tour has officially come to an end. We spent our final night in Boston after the show with some fans at a local pub. Shoutout to the lesbian couple that kicked it with us all night. We recap the highs/lows of the full tour and discuss an international “Pure Breed Tour” The guys discuss their best/worst Christmas gifts and Rory shares more trauma. Sadly, the Belgian waffle maker couldn’t keep the family together. Somehow we ended up discussing getting punched by Mike Tyson. Would you let him punch you? We pivot to music and discuss our top rap/r&b albums of the year and break down B Dot’s list. Naturally after music we discuss bathroom etiquette. Do you sh*t at the airport? Finally, we recap the reception from the No Jumper interview and discuss Prince/Mike tickets. Listen as the guys discuss all of this + more! P.S. spend time with your family and we’ll see you in the new year!

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