Video: Little Brother – May The Lord Watch: The Little Brother Story Documentary

After the Made In Durham: A Little Brother Block Party, Little Brother premieres their new documentary May The Lord Watch: The Little Brother Story. Directed by Holland Randolph Gallagher. The 100-minute doc “follows the rise, breakup, and reunion of Little Brother, detailing the vast impact of the preeminent 2000’s rap group”. Phonte had this to say about the doc:

“Little Brother entered this business independently and based on the current landscape, we see no need to change course. This film is a love letter to our fans, a celebration of the people who made us, and a testament to our core values of authenticity, ownership, and craftsmanship. It took us five years to complete this, and it finally feels right”.

Pooh adds:

“One of the things I’ve been hearing people talk about is how our music was either shared with them or they shared our music with someone else, sometimes even forming life long bonds. YouTube is the perfect intersection where all demographics meet. Having the ability to release our documentary via YouTube felt like the perfect way to share our story with Little Brother fans while leaving open the possibility of introducing ourselves to an entirely new group of potential fans.”

Watch May The Lord Watch: The Little Brother Story below.

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