Album Stream: Majid Jordan – Good People

Majid Jordan returns with their fourth album, Good People. They had this to say about the project:

“With this album, we just wanted to make something that you could put on and you could play start to finish and really move forward wit. As time progresses, you grow and you gain perspective of where you were, where you are now, you can appreciate what you have…..It was amazing. It was 10 years in the making for me because that’s where I was born. And our first album that we made under the name ‘Good People’ we made here in Toronto. And I was with Jordan’s family while we were making that because I didn’t have any family here. And this time we got to do that in my hometown. And he got to come over, meet everybody, meet the family, create, meet the people, get to know the culture……People are very generous and welcoming. They want to show you the best time, they host you well. So we got so much love and I think that love fed into the music that you’re hearing on this project. I think we took a second to really simplify our lives and say what are we doing? What do we really care about? What’s important? I’ve lived away from home since I was 17 years old. It would be beautiful to bring this energy back there and make something that we can then share with the world.”

Featuring nine new records and a guest appearance by Naomi Sharon.

You can stream Good People in its entirety below.

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