Music Video: Deante’ Hitchcock – WOAH!

After dropping his single “drunk AF”, Deante’ Hitchcock gives fans his new single/video “WOAH!”. Off of his upcoming sophomore album, Once Upon A Time, which drops May 10th.He had this to say:

“At what was shaping up to be a turning point in my life, the world as we know it seemed to stop turning altogether. I watched our world change, and in the midst of it all, I had a son, became a father, and watched my world change as well. The word ‘son’ feels hella ironic to read, like the sun up in the sky that I used to stare at until it became an almost blinding blue bouncing ball of light, my son came into the world and brought a brightness into my life that could rival that of its homophone. His mother and I are forever in awe, and forever thankful for our angel, our Saint. The story of how we got here is no fairytale, but I’ll try my best to tell you all about the best way I know how.”

In the visual Dante stunts with various women in a lavish crib.

Watch the “WOAH!” video below.

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