Stills From Ludacris’ New Video "Undisputed"

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New Video Shows That Akon Did Not Assault Fan

The smack was too blatant for charges not to be filed right away, so after a couple days past I knew something was up and sure enough Akon was a victim of bad editng. He accidentally knocks the girl over but what wasn't shown in the first video is that he helps her up after he allegedly smacked her.

Maino: Up Close & Personal Trailer

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The Source Documentary "The Bible of Hip Hop"

This is the preview to Kim Osorio's book.Click To Read An Excerpt From Her Book Straight From The Source: An Expose from the Former Editor in Chief of the Hip-Hop Bible. By the year 2000, the hip-hop industry was comparable to a male football locker room. Most of the top executives were men, the majority of...

Kanye West "Love Lockdown" VMA Performance

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