Asher Roth Live @ Fuggin Awesome

If I close my eyes, I'd swear it was Eminem from the "I just Don't Give A Fuck" days. He's got the lyrics to hold his own."Cannon""I Love College""La Di Da Da Da""Rub On Your Tits""Don't Touch Me - Throw Da Water On 'Em""Dey Know"

Snoop Dogg "Those Gurlz"

This is my shit.

Big Pooh "With You"

Produced by 9th wonder. North Cak is so soulful. I'm proud to be from NC. Ya'll probably wouldn't believe I used freestyle with Phonte' back in the days at my n*gga Dennis' house. That's ok you don't have to believe but it happened.

Tre Hardson Ft. Fat Lip "Ay Yo My Man"

1/2 of The Pharcyde. I don't even recognize Slim Kid Tre' w/o his hair but that's him. They've still got the same Pharcyde vibe.

The Game ft. Travis Barker "Dope Boys"

Nice video from Jayceon and the Blink 182 drummer, better known as The Game and Travis Barker. Travis Barker's Cadillac tattoo is so trill.

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